Lukasz Jurczyszyn

Lukasz Jurczyszyn is currently finalysing his Ph.D. thesis in sociology at the  Centre for the Sociological Analysis and Intervention (CADIS), School of High Studies on Social Sciences (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales- EHESS), in Paris, supervised by Mr Michel Wieviorka and Mr Ireneusz Krzeminski: “A Comparative Analysis of Urban Violence: France, Russia, Poland”. In 2006, he received his Master (2nd level) in sociology at the EHESS in Paris. His Master’s thesis supervised by Mr Michel Wieviorka is titled “Interplay between the media coverage and the mediation of “urban riots” within the working-class suburbs of Paris. The analysis of violent events in November 2005 in Val-Fourré”. In 2008, he was a consultant for the Open Society Institute Europe Foundation. He participated in a research on Muslim populations in EU cities, aimed at making recommendations for public policies concerning large Muslim populated neighbourhoods. In 2009, he took part in an international research on the process of social deficiency of urban working class: Russia, France, Italy and Turkey. He has conducted participative observations and surveys in Kondopoga in the Republic of Karelia (Russia) and he is the author of a forthcoming chapter on “The efforts of working class in contemporary Russia” to be published in October 2010.

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