Françoise Daucé

Françoise Daucé has a Phd in Political Sciences. Her PhD Dissertation focused on « Military and Political Power in Post-Soviet Russia ». She has conducted research on issues concerning political and social aspects of military transformations as well as the relationships between state administration and civil mobilizations in contemporary Russia. She is the author of L’Etat, l’armée et le citoyen en Russie post-soviétique, Paris, L’Harmattan, Paris, 2001 and has written numerous articles about citizenship and military duties in Russia among which: “L’armée russe face à la pluralité religieuse” [The Russian Military Facing Religious Pluralism] in Most Journal on Multicultural Societies, vol. 2, # 2, 2001 ( ) ; “Vliianie voinskoi sluzhby na politicheskuiu socializatsiuu rossiiskikh prizyvnikov” [The Influence of Military Service on the Political socialization of Russian youth]. Politeia, Moscou, # 2, Summer 2001. pp. 197 – 206; “L’armée dans l’histoire de l’Etat russe contemporain” [The Armed Forces in the History of the Russian Contemporary State]. Hérodote, # 104, 1st trimester 2002, pp. 119 – 143. From 2000 to 2002, she directed the Franco-Russian Center for Social and Human Sciences in Moscow. Since 2002, Françoise Daucé has coordinated the Franco-Russian exchange programs at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, in Paris. She is currently teaching Soviet History and Russian Politics at the University Blaise Pascal, in Clermont-Ferrand.

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