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Europe-Asia Studies Article – “Right-Wing Extremist Violence in the Russian Federation”

Martin Laryš; Miroslav Mareš , “Right-Wing Extremist Violence in the Russian Federation”, Europe-Asia Studies, 1465-3427, Volume 63, Issue 1, 2011, Pages 129 – 154

This article analyses contemporary forms of extreme-right violence in Russia. The authors deal with the traditions and ideological background of the militant right-wing extremist scene as well as with its contemporary social and political background. The most important forms of right-wing extremist violence are identified as ad hoc hate crimes, local ethnically motivated conflicts, activities of organised gangs, the existence of paramilitary units and terrorist tendencies. Political reactions to this violence in Russia are described. The authors come to the conclusion that the threat of extreme-right violence will remain an important element of Russia’s future security development.