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Noticed on the Blogosphere – The Sad fate of Russia’s “Youtube cops”

Noticed on the internet a post on Globalvoices (an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world)  on the fate of police officers who shot videos about corruption. Among them –  Dymovskiy . And more recently Ekaterina Rogoza, a police officer from Kushchevskaia – where a family of 12 was killed by a local gang.

The post, authored by Alexey Sidorenko, details the personal fate (serious personal consequences) of each of these  cops who dared to voice what every one already knew.

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Book – “Performing Violence” by B. Beumers and M. Lipovetsky

B. Beumers and M. Lipovetsky, “Performing Violence” , Intellect, October 2009.  
Publisher’s comments: New Russian Drama began its rise at the end of the twentieth century, following a decline in dramatic writing in Russia that stemmed back to the 1980s. Authors Beumers and Lipovetsky examine the representation of violence in these new dramatic works penned by young Russian playwrights.

Performing Violence is the first English-language study of the consequent boom in drama and why this new breed of authors were writing fierce plays, whilst previous generations had preferred poetry and prose. Since 1999 numerous festivals of new Russian drama have taken place, which have brought international recognition to such playwrights as the Presnyakov brothers, Evgeni Grishkovets and Vasili Sigarev. At the same time, young stage directors and new theatres also emerged. New Russian Drama is therefore one of a few artistic and cultural phenomena shaped entirely in the post-Soviet period and this book investigates the violent portrayal of identity crisis of the generation as represented by theatre. Reflecting the disappointment in Yeltsin’s democratic reforms and Putin’s neo-conservative politics, the focus is on political and social representations of violence, its performances and justifications. Performing Violence seeks a vantage point for the analysis of brutality in post-Soviet culture. It is a key text for students of theatre, drama, Russian studies, culture and literature.,id=4654/

Interview with Igor Kalyapin, Head of the Committee against Torture, Nijni-Novgorod (Fr + Ru)

We are pleased to publish the transcription in French of an interview with Igor Kalyapin, Head of Committee against Torture, an interregional human rights association based in Nijni-Novgorod, with offices in 5 regions. The interview was conducted on June 26, 2010 by Lukasz Jurczyszyn, a member of our team, during his field work in that region. The transcription and translation of the interview were made by Irina Tcherneva.

The Committee against Torture provides medical and legal assistance to victims of torture and ill-treatment from law-enforcement agencies, carries out public investigations, files complaints to Russian courts as well as to EChR in Strasbourg. It is also involved in advocacy work on issues such as torture and victims’ protection at internal and international levels.

The Committee is also increasingly involved in field trips to Chechnya in connection with torture, forced disappearances and other Human rights violations.

For more information about the Committee, see

Read the transcription (in French)

– Listen to the audio file (in Russian)