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We would like to draw to your attention two reports published in 2008 and 2009 by the Natsional’nyi tsentr po predotvrashcheniiu nasiliia “ANNA”:

  • Nasilie v Otnoshenii Zhenshchin: Opyt Stran Vostochnoi Evropy, Tsentral’noi Azii i Rossii [Violence against women: Experience of the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia]. Ed. by L. Ponarina and  A. Sinel’nikova. Moscow: Natsional’nyi tsentr po predotvrashcheniiu nasiliia “ANNA”, 2008. 144 p. ill., graphs, tables. pbk. 14 x 20 cm. ISBN 978594101128.

    The collection contains research and statistical data on violence against women, its causes and consequences  in the countries of Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, etc), Russia and Central Asia

  • Territoriia Molchaniia: Prava Zhenshchin i Problema Nasiliia v Otnoshenii Zhenshchin v Rossii [Territory of silence: Women’s rights and the issue of violence in relation to women in Russia]. Ed. by Marina Pisklakova and Andrei Sinel’nikov. Moscow: Natsional’nyi tsentr po predotvrashcheniiu nasiliia ‘ANNA’, 2009. 184 p. pbk. 14 x 21 cm. ISBN 9785941012144.

      This report was prepared by the National Independent Commission for Women’s Rights and Violence against Women in 2008 and identified 4 types of violations of women’s rights in Russia: domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking and violent crimes against women as a part of national traditions. The Report analyzes the situation in this area and includes some suggestions to the government on the problem of violence against women.

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