V.A. Shnirelman’s New Book – “Tolerance Threshold” : Ideology and Practice of the New Racism

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Victor A. Shnirelman

“Threshold of Tolerance:” Ideology and Practice of the New Racism. In two vols. Moscow: NLO, 2011 Vol. 1 – 552 pp., Vol.. 2 – 848 pp. ill. (in Russian)

Шнирельман В.А. «Порог толерантности»: Идеология и практика нового расизм. В 2-х томах. М.: Новое литературное обозрение, 2011. — Т.1— 552 с.: ил. / Т.2 — 856 с.: ил. ISBN 978-5-86793-874-1

V. A. Shnirelman, Moscow based anthropologist and specialist on racism, discrimination and far right movements, has just published a new book on racism. The book is published by NLO http://nlobooks.mags.ru/ncd-1-1-139/news.html

The book offers a complete overview of new theorizations and discussions on racism all over the world. Special chapters are dedicated to those problems in Russian contemporary society. it can be also used as a textbook for students.



Part I. Races and racism

Chapter 1. What is racism?

Chapter 2. Racism or racisms?

Chapter 3. Origins and evolution of racism

Chapter 4. Hard struggle against racism

Chapter 5. Race in contemporary science

Chapter 6. UNO and UNESCO declarations on race and racism

Chapter 7. What do “races” mean in various countries?

Chapter 8. Racism changes its face

Chapter 9. New Right and “cultural racism”

Chapter 10. Immigrants, globalization and “cultural racism”

Chapter 11. “New racism” in the USA

Part II. Ethno-racial ideologies in Russia

Chapter 1. Pre-Soviet sources of biological determinism

Chapter 2. Soviet anthropologists against racism

Chapter 3. From class struggle to ethnic discrimination

Chapter 4. From ethnicization to racialization: legacy of the Soviet scholarship

Chapter 5. Traps and dangers of culture-centrism

Chapter 6. Biologization of ethnicity and “national character”

Chapter 7. Racial discourse in society and in politics

Chapter 8. Civilizational approach and xenophobia

Part III. Anti-immigrant attitudes and racism

Chapter 1. Post-Soviet migrations and migrants

Chapter 2. The Kuban’ approach

Chapter 3. Social alarms and discrimination

Chapter 4. Ethnicity and criminality

Chapter 5. Explosions, pogroms and ethnic cleansing

Chapter 6. Crisis of 2008-2009 and migration issue
Chapter 7. “Old racism” is coming back

Part IV. Opinion polls and their results

Chapter 1. The triumph of ethnicity

Chapter 2. Xenophobia and its trajectory

Chapter 3. Anti-Caucasian attitudes

Chapter 4. Media’s role

Chapter 5. Willing for discrimination

Chapter 6. Growth of neo-conservatism and anti-Westernism

Chapter 7. Identity and xenophobia

Chapter 8. Conclusions

Part V. Skinheads

Chapter 1. In the beginning

Chapter 2. Political support

Chapter 3. Cult of violence and its builders

Chapter 4. Skin-culture and its development

Chapter 5. Skinheads and their sympathizers

Chapter 6. Media and migrants

Chapter 7. Skinheads and authorities

Chapter 8. Aryan ideology and skinheads’ identity

Chapter 9. Football fans, skinheads and the police

Chapter 10. “Race war” in the cities

Chapter 11. The police response and activity of the right radicals

Chapter 12. Conclusions

Conclusions. Contemporary xenophobia and reasons for it




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