Call for Panelists – Reykjavik 2011 – Section on Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Violence and Politics

Cristina  Flesher Fominaya  is organizing a section on Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Violence and Politics, ECPR General Conference Reykjavik 2011, and is looking for panelists. The deadline for online submission to any of the panels is February 1, 2011. The link to the section, panels, and conference page is below:

Description of the section:

Section ID: 47
Section Title: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Violence and Politics
Panels: 5  – List of Panels

 Section Chair(s)

 Name: Cristina  Flesher Fominaya  (
 Institution: ABERDEEN, University of

 Section Abstract
Violence has been at the center of political studies for centuries. Despite the increasing democratization of States across the world, political violence continues to pose one of the most pressing challenges today. Within the social sciences, political science and sociological approaches to violence and politics have been enriched by insights from cultural studies, gender studies and memory studies, among others, yet the treatment of political violence remains at the margins of many disciplines, and is often treated within narrow disciplinary boundaries. This section seeks to bring the theoretical and empirical analysis of political violence from margin to center, and address not only the dynamics of political violence itself, but also its aftermath in post-conflict contexts.

There are five panels:

– Gender, Violence and Politics
– Perpetrators of Political Violence
– Political Violence and Memory
– Victims of Political Violence
– Violence and Social Movements

Please click on the link above to get detailed information on each of these.
The conference will be held at the University of Iceland, from August 25th – 27th  2011

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