Interview with Igor Kalyapin, Head of the Committee against Torture, Nijni-Novgorod (Fr + Ru)

We are pleased to publish the transcription in French of an interview with Igor Kalyapin, Head of Committee against Torture, an interregional human rights association based in Nijni-Novgorod, with offices in 5 regions. The interview was conducted on June 26, 2010 by Lukasz Jurczyszyn, a member of our team, during his field work in that region. The transcription and translation of the interview were made by Irina Tcherneva.

The Committee against Torture provides medical and legal assistance to victims of torture and ill-treatment from law-enforcement agencies, carries out public investigations, files complaints to Russian courts as well as to EChR in Strasbourg. It is also involved in advocacy work on issues such as torture and victims’ protection at internal and international levels.

The Committee is also increasingly involved in field trips to Chechnya in connection with torture, forced disappearances and other Human rights violations.

For more information about the Committee, see

Read the transcription (in French)

– Listen to the audio file (in Russian)

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